Managing users, groups, and realms in Remedy Single Sign-On

 Platform uses BMC Remedy Single Sign-On (Remedy SSO or RSSO) as an authentication system to securely identify users and grant users access to TrueSight Orchestration components and content and control what users can do with components and content.

TrueSight Orchestration uses a role-based authentication system (RBAC). Access to the product is based on groups or roles rather than individual users. 

To use the RBAC system, perform the following tasks in Remedy SSO:

  • Create users for all users in your organization who need access to 
  • Create groups (roles)
  • Assign users to groups (roles)

This section contains information about the following functions in Remedy SSO:

Working with TSO permissions

After creating users and roles in Remedy SSO, you must assign permissions to the users in   Grid Manager and repository components. For information, see Managing permissions in TrueSight Orchestration.

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Managing permissions in TrueSight Orchestration

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