20.02 enhancements

Platform version 20.02 provides the following new features and enhancements.

New user interface for the Operator Control Panel

A new Operator Control Panel user interface that does not need Adobe Flash replaces the old UI. The old Operator Control Panel UI is no longer available. After an upgrade, your existing Operator Control Panel workflows appear in the new UI automatically. 

The new Operator Control Panel is available at the URL: https://<hostNameOrIP>:<OCPWebServerPort>/ocpux

There is no change in the installation and upgrade experience.

To learn about the differences between the two user interfaces, see New Operator Control Panel UI

New TSO Domain field in the installation wizard

While installing any of the platform server components, except the Development Studio, the installer now requires you to specify the domain name. This is the cookie domain name for   and BMC Remedy Single Sign-On, which controls the cookie visibility between servers within the domain. You must specify the network domain of the computer on which you are installing the  platform component. 

If installing silently, ensure that you specify the domain name (AO_RSSO_COOKIE_DOMAIN property) for all platform server components.

For more information, see Installing – Classic mode

Security enhancements

Encrypted passwords in silent options files

When installing   Platform silently, you must provide the passwords in an encrypted format only. If a silent options file contains plain text passwords, the installation will fail. To encrypt passwords, you can use the maintenance tool provided with the platform. When you download the platform installers, the maintenance tool is included along with the installation files. 

For more information, see Preparing to install TrueSight Orchestration Platform.

No hard-coded passwords in installers or configuration files

Starting this release, installers or configuration files for platform server components do no contain any hard-coded passwords. You will have to provide passwords as and when the product requires it. This has no impact on the adapter or module configuration. Your keystore or trust store passwords remain intact. 

Support for Remedy Single Sign-On versions

This release of   Platform introduces support for the Remedy Single Sign-On (external) 20.02 version. 

If you choose to install or upgrade   Platform with embedded Remedy SSO, the embedded Remedy SSO version is 20.02

Java version update

 Platform 20.02 is now bundled with AdoptOpenJRE8u202. 

For more information, see System requirements

Platform – Content compatibility

 Platform 20.02 is certified with   Content 20.19.02. For online documentation, see TrueSight Orchestration Content 20.19.02 Open link .

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