Spawn activity

The Spawn activity allows two or more process paths to be executed in parallel.

The following BMC Communities video demonstrates how to use the spawn activity.

When a Spawn activity is placed on the  Development Studio process canvas, a Join object is automatically placed to the right of it. All paths originating from a Spawn activity must be terminated at the corresponding join object. 

The join object cannot be deleted individually. When a Spawn activity is deleted, all activities connected to the Spawn, together with the Join object, will be deleted together as a group. Activities contained between the Spawn and Join can be deleted individually.

When a process is executed, any check points that have been set on activities that fall between a Spawn activity and its corresponding Join object are disabled.

The Spawn activity is prepopulated with two ports. A port represents the start of a path of execution that can be executed in parallel with any other ports on the Spawn. An unlimited number of ports can be added. To add additional ports, right-click on the Spawn button in the process canvas and select Add Port from the menu. Each new port will be added below the existing ports.

If additional ports are added and subsequently found to be unnecessary, the extra ports can be deleted. To delete a port, place the mouse pointer over the unwanted port until the arrow changes to a hand pointer, then right-click and select Delete Port from the menu.

The Property Panel for a Spawn activity contains of two tabs, Logging and Metadata.

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