Managing processes and schedules

You use Grid Manager to manage processes running on the grid, as well as to manage process schedules

This section includes the following topics:

Managing processes

To view the processes running on the grid, select the Status tab and the grid name. Then select the Processes tab, which opens a list of active modules on the grid. Expand the module name to view the processes.

The Processes tab lists each process, its status, the peer on which it ran, the time it ran, and if applicable, when it timed out. Process status includes:

  • Ready — The process is scheduled and ready to run.
  • Assigned — The process is running on a peer.
  • Completed — The process ended without compensation.
  • Compensated — The process ended in a failed state, or compensation.

You can choose to view processes that ended in a failed or compensated state, or those that ran without compensation.

You can terminate a process in the Assigned state by selecting it and then clicking the Terminate selected process button.

Managing schedules

Schedules control the start time and frequency of process execution.

You can create the initial schedules for workflow processes in  Development Studio as part of a module. After the module has been activated on the grid, you can use Grid Manager to review the schedules or modify existing schedules, create additional schedules, and delete schedules. You can also run a process on demand, outside a defined schedule.

In the Grid Manager application, select the Manage tab and then select the Schedules tab to review or modify schedules.

If a module is deactivated, the Schedules tab does not display any of the module's schedules.

If a schedule has run to completion, either because it has completed the scheduled number of recurrences, or because the end date has passed, the schedule is no longer displayed on the Schedules tab. If the initial schedule was created in  Development Studio, you can re-edit the schedule in  Development Studio. If the schedule was created in Grid Manager, you cannot edit the schedule after it runs to completion.

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