Managing peers

Each grid contains at least one configuration distribution peer (CDP). You can add additional peers to a grid, and you can change or delete peers. Peers must be configured in  Grid Manager before installation of the peer on a server. This section includes the following topics:

You can delete peers that are not being used by deleting their configuration from Grid Manager. However, the deletion of a peer configuration in Grid Manager is irreversible. When you delete the peer configuration, the peer ceases to communicate with the grid. The peer should be uninstalled from the computer where it was installed. The server files will not be functional and cannot be reused after you delete the peer configuration in  Grid Manager.

Any adapters added to a grid can be enabled on any peer on that grid.

To capture process metrics data, at least one peer on each grid must be designated as a sync point. The peers upload the metrics data through the designated sync point to the database. Any peer that has network access to the metrics database can be designated as a sync point.

If SOAP requests will be issued to execute workflows, at least one peer must be designated as a SOAP endpoint. Peers that are designated as SOAP endpoints can service SOAP requests to run  processes. All applicable peer components must be in a running state for the peer to be fully operational.

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