Installing on a single node

In a test environment, you can install all TrueSight Orchestration components on a single host. For production environments, follow the sequence described in the Installing TrueSight Orchestration on containers  section.

Before you begin

Ensure that the following preinstallation tasks are complete: 

  • Install Docker Enterprise Edition on the host
  • Create a swarm with the node where you want to install the components
  • Setup the registry and latest images are pushed to the registry
  • Download the installation files

For more information, see Preparing for TrueSight Orchestration in containers installation.

To install TrueSight Orchestration components on a single node

  1. Open a terminal and SSH into a host where you want to install all components and extract the installation files. 

    # tar -xvf DOCKER_TSO_INSTALLER.tgz
  2. To push images to the repository, go to the extracted DOCKER_TSO_INSTALLER folder and run the script. 

    # ./

    The script verifies whether Docker EE is installed on the host, the Docker Daemon service is running, and if the node is a part of a swarm. After successful verification, you are asked to provide the registry details. You have already pushed component images in a registry while setting up your environment. 

  3. To pull the images from the registry, specify the hostname and port of the registry host in this format.

    # hostname:port

    By default, the registry is available on the 5000 port. The script verifies whether the Docker Registry is set up and shows the component installation options.


    If you want to install the components in a sequential order, type 1. After the database is installed, you type 2 to install the repository, and then 3 to install the CDP. When installing on a single host, you can skip these options and go for 4. All of the above.

  4. (BMC recommended) If installing on a single host, type 4 to install all components in one go. 
    Database, repository, and CDP images get pulled from the registry and installation is complete. A message, Installation complete for All appears.
  5. To verify whether the installation is successful and the services are running, run the following command.

    # docker stack services tso_stack
  6. To verify the status of the containers and the components, run the command. 

    # docker ps

    Details such as the list of containers, images on each container, component service names, and the status of the containers is displayed. 

  7. To verify whether your environment is set, log on to the Repository Manager and Grid Manager applications using the following credentials:


    Default URL and admin credentials for the repository:

    • URL: http(s)://FullyQualifiedDomainName:repoWebServerPort/ux
    • Username:aoadmin
    • Password: admin123

    Default URL and admin credentials for the CDP:

    • URL: http(s)://FullyQualifiedDomainName:WebServerPort/baocdp
    • Username:aoadmin
    • Password: admin123

Troubleshooting installation issues

If you face issues while installing TrueSight Orchestration on Docker Containers, see Troubleshooting containers.

Where to go next

Now that you have successfully installed TrueSight Orchestration components on Docker Containers, you must complete the post-installation tasks. 

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