Installing Development Studio for TrueSight Orchestration in containers

Where you are in the installation process

1.Complete the planning activities
2.Prepare for TrueSight Orchestration installation
3.Install Remedy SSO (if external)
4.Install TrueSight Orchestration in containers
5.Install Development Studio (You are here)
6.Install Lightweight Activity Peer (Optional)
7.Complete the post-installation tasks

You install the Development Studio on a Windows computer outside the containerized deployment of components. 

To install Development Studio

  1. Navigate to the directory where the installation program files are downloaded and extracted from the zip folder and click setup.cmd to start the installation program. 
  2. On the splash screen, select the language in which to view the installation program, and click OK.
  3. Review the welcome page, and click Next.

  4. Read the license agreement, agree to the terms, and click Next

  5. Select Install a new Development Studio; then click Next.
  6. Browse and select a destination directory to install the component and click Next.

  7. Select a workspace location (local directory) to save all your work and click Next.

    More about the Development Studio workspace location

    • Do not specify a network drive.
    • If you are installing multiple instances of Development Studio, you must specify a unique workspace location for each instance. 

      Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\username\DevStudio
  8. Review the information and click Install.
  9. On the Installation Summary panel, perform one of the following actions:
    • To exit the installation program, click Done.
    • To review the BAO_install_log.txt file, click View Log, and then click Done to exit the installation program.
  10. To ensure that the installation is successful, launch TrueSight Orchestration Development Studio

Troubleshooting Development Studio issues

If you face issues while using the Development Studio, see  Troubleshooting problems in TrueSight Orchestration Development Studio .

Next step in the installation process

Now that you have successfully installed the Development Studio, do one of the following:

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