Accessing and navigating the Repository Manager

The repository stores adapters and workflow modules in a central location. Workflow developers, software testers, and system administrators use the repository a source of record. Using the repository also enforces versioning and keeps a history of workflow modules through their revisions. It also offers role-based access control to ensure that users can access only those features for which permissions are provided

Using the Repository Manager – the user interface for the repository, one can upload, download, or transfer content

Before you begin

  • You must belong to a group which has permissions to access the Repository Manager.
  • You must use a supported browser on the client computer.
    For more information, see System requirements.

To log in to the Repository Manager

You can log in to the Repository Manager from a web browser or you can access Repository Manager from Grid Manager.

To log into the Repository Manager from a web browser:

  1. From a web browser, use the appropriate URL to access the Repository Manager:

    New UI




    Old UIHTTPShttps://FullyQualifiedDomainName:repoWebServerPort/baorepo
    • FullyQualifiedDomainName represents the host name of the server and the domain name where the repository is installed (for example, or
    • repoWebServerPort is the web server port that was defined during installing the repository (The default port number is 28080.)


      In this release, you can still access the old repository UI by using the old URL. In future releases, the old user interface will be phased out and only the new UI will be provided.

  2. Log in by using the appropriate credentials. 


    You can log in to the repository by using the following default username and password:

    Username: aoadmin

    Password: admin123

To access the Repository Manager from the Grid Manager:

  1. When logged into the Grid Manager, on the right corner, click Repository Manager.
    The following figure shows the Repository Manager link from the Grid Manager UI. 

    The Repository Manager opens in a new tab. 
  2. Log in using the appropriate credentials.

To navigate the Repository Manager

The repository stores TrueSight Orchestration Content, such as adapters and workflow modules, in a central location. You access each functional area in the repository through the following tabs at the top of the Repository Manager application:

  • The Content tab enables you to delete, download, and upload adapter and module files to the repository.
  • The Transfer tab enables you to transfer content (any version or revision) between two repositories.
  • The Permissions tab enables you to manage permission groups. You can then assign group access for content management, creation, transfer, and access.

To log out of the Repository Manager

On the UI, your username appears on the right corner of the Repository Manager screen. Click the username and from the drop-down list, click Sign Out. You are successfully logged out of the application. 

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