8.2.00 enhancements

Platform version 8.2.00 provides the following new features and enhancements. 

Containerized deployment of TrueSight Orchestration Platform and Content

 is typically packaged into archive files, which you download, install, and configure before using the product. Making your environment scalable and fault-tolerant required additional steps. In addition to the existing product experience, starting this release,  will also be available in Docker containers. 

TrueSight Orchestration images for the repository and the Configuration Distribution Peer (CDP), and content are now available in containers. Deploying images in your environment is relatively simple with fewer installation steps. After successfully deploying in containers, your environment leverages some of the intrinsic features of the container platform – Docker, for cluster management, load balancing, and fault-tolerance. 

With minimal configurations, high-availability can be implemented without the need to install additional peers such as the Activity Peer and the High Availability CDP.

The following sections briefly describe the features and limitations in this release. 

  • Simplified installation experience
  • Faster deployment of TrueSight Orchestration repository and CDP images
  • Repository preloaded with all adapters and modules
  • Failover and load balancing handled using Docker Swarm
  • No support for components such as the HA-CDP, Activity Peer, Operator Control Panel, Health Dashboard, and Value Dashboard in containers
  • No support for migration from earlier platform versions to a containerized platform in this release
  • No support for Monitor adapter event deduplication

To get started with containerized deployments, see TrueSight Orchestration overview

Refreshed UI for the Repository Manager

TrueSight Orchestration is refreshing the Repository Manager user interface using a new framework that does not need Flash. After the upgrade, you can see all your data in the new UI seamlessly. 

The old repository UI is also available however, BMC encourages you to use the new UI from now on. 

The highlights of the new UI are: 

  • New URL to access the repository
  • Single-click download option to download individual adapters or modules
  • Separate tabs to view adapters and modules in the repository
  • Separate sections in the Permissions tab for Repository Permissions and Content Permissions. 
  • Ability to edit permissions for multiple groups 

For more information about the new UI, see New Repository Manager UI .

REST API updates

A new REST API call for retrieving the list of peers in your environment and additional information such as the peer name, status, operating system, and the host name is introduced in this release. 

For more information, see Get Peer Info.

Support for Oracle Solaris operating system dropped

Support for Oracle Solaris as a host operating system is dropped from this release. You cannot run the TrueSight Orchestration Platform installer files on a computer with Solaris operating system. No peers can be installed on the Solaris OS anymore. 

Support for Remedy Single Sign-On versions

This release of  Platform introduces support for the following Remedy Single Sign-On (external) versions: 

  • 19.08 
  • 19.05
  • 19.02
  • 18.11

If you choose to install or upgrade  Platform with embedded Remedy SSO, the RSSO version used is 18.11

Platform – Content compatibility

 Platform 8.2.00 is certified with  Content 20.19.01. For content online documentation, see  TrueSight Orchestration Content 20.19.01 .

Azul Java version and compatibility

 Platform is now certified with Azul Java 8. Starting this release, Oracle Java 8 will not be bundled with the product installation files.


  • If you have created custom adapters, you might need to recompile the adapters with the supported Java version. Some adapters might not work if they do not comply with the increased security standards enforced in this version of Java.
  • If you are upgrading an existing installation to to v8.2.00, you need to upgrade the following web services-based adapters due to incompatibilities with Java versions:
    • BMC Atrium CMDB adapter
    • BMC Network Automation adapter
    • CA Service Desk adapter
    • HP Service Manager adapter
    • Web Services adapter

Documentation improvements

The  installation documentation is redesigned for ease of use. The highlights are: 

  • A sequenced path to perform the installation.
  • Better navigational assistance with the “Where you are” map and information about the next step in the installation process.
  • Every installation procedure is designed as an end-to-end topic for better readability and to avoid page switching.
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