Sizing and scalability considerations for Infrastructure Management

This section contains guidelines and recommendations to help you size an environment and identify the appropriate architecture and hardware for BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management deployments. It is important to estimate the size of your deployment correctly because the steps to follow and the design elements vary depending on the size of the deployment. Note that migrating from a single-server deployment to a multiple-server deployment is difficult unless you plan for it. Use the following sizing and scaling recommendations to prevent oversizing or undersizing your deployment.

You can deploy Infrastructure Management to collect performance data, collect external events, manage service models, or any combination of these functions.

  • When an Infrastructure Management deployment includes data collection and event management, the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server manages performance data from BMC PATROL Agents, and manages external events from the BMC Event Adapter and BMC PATROL Agents.
  • When a Infrastructure Management deployment includes event and impact management, the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server manages external events from the BMC Event Adapter, and manages impact data from service models.


Performance testing and sizing information is based on controlled, internal testing of Infrastructure Management to ensure optimum performance.

The platforms referenced in this section refer to platforms that BMC used in testing and do not reflect all of the supported platforms. For details about supported platforms, see System requirements and product compatibility for Infrastructure Management.

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