Migrating the data format before upgrading the Presentation Server

The dataUpgrade utility migrates the format of the data in the TrueSight Presentation Server to the format that it will require after the upgrade. Running the dataUpgrade utility does not require downtime and does not impact the state of the TrueSight Presentation Server.

You must run this utility before starting the upgrade process.

The utility is included with the TrueSight Presentation Server installation files in the Disk1\utility\DataUpgradeUtility folder.


The amount of event data determines the duration of the migration process. In a test environment of 2.4 million events, the process required 45 minutes.

Before you begin

You must have completed all of the other preupgrade tasks in Preparing for the Presentation Server upgrade.

To obtain the utility and prepare the Presentation Server for the data format migration

  1. Download the Presentation Server installation file and navigate to the Utility>DataUpgradeUtility folder on the TrueSight Presentation Server host. In case of Presentation Server high availability, the utility needs to be executed only on the primary host.

  2. Ensure that port 9335 is available.
    If port 9335 is already in use, provide a custom port number by updating the
    target.http.port=<custom port> property in the config.properties file, located in the DataUpgradeUtility/config directory.

  3. Because the utility migrates data over the HTTP protocol, temporarily enable the HTTP port on the existing index server.

To migrate the data format before upgrading the Presentation Server

  1.  Run the following utility from the command prompt:

    RAM requirement

    At least 2 GB RAM must be available before you run the dataUpgrade.bat or the dataUpgrade.sh utility.

  2. If you did not enable the HTTP port on the existing index server, respond to the prompt.
    • To enable the utility to enable the HTTP port and continue running the utility, type y.
    • To exit the utility and run it at a later time, type n.

During the progress of data migration, the utility displays the progress as a percentage of data migration completed. Do not upgrade the TrueSight Presentation Server until the data format upgrade is finished.


BMC recommends upgrading the Presentation Server immediately after running the upgrade utility.


If a problem occurs, a message appears stating that the data upgrade has failed. You can find the dataupgrade.log file in the DataUpgradeUtility/logs/ folder. The log file contains details of errors that occurred during the execution of the dataUpgrade utility.

Where to go from here

Upgrade the Presentation Server using one of the following procedures:

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