Exporting Oracle tables

The required files (custom_dump_dir_pnet.sql and pnet_exp_selected_tables.par) to export Oracle tables are available under the <Installation directory>/pw/pronto/sysdata/oracle_dump_utils directory.

To export the Oracle tables, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Oracle Server, set oracle_sid, connect to the database by typing sqlplus at the command prompt.
  2. Log in with sys user 
    Enter user-name: sys/<password>@<sid> as sysdba
  3. Execute the sql script custom_dump_dir_pnet.sql and specify the location of the dump directory file and user (for example, proact) at the prompt.
  4. To export the selected table of Infrastructure Management user, use the pnet_exp_selected_tables.par file and then from the command prompt, run the expdp utility by specifying the username, password, sid, and pnet_exp_selected_tables.par.
    expdp <Infrastructure Management_username>/<password>@<sid> PARFILE=<path\pnet_exp_selected_tables.par>
    Check the exp_selected_table_data.log file for logs whether export succeeded or not.
  5. Collect the exported dump EXP_SELECTED_TABLE_DATA.DMP from the dump directory you specified in step 3 and upload it to the BMC FTP site (ftp.bmc.com) along with following details:
    1. Infrastructure Management user name
    2. Tablespace for Infrastructure Management user. To get this information, see the following example:
      select default_tablespace, username  from dba_users where username = ‘<Infrastructure Management_username>’
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