Monitors - Top or Bottom Performers dashlet

The Monitors - Top/Bottom Performance dashlet displays and compares the top N or bottom N monitors. 

The resultant graph displays as shown in this figure.

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Dashlet requirements

At least one instance of a TrueSight Infrastructure Manager server must be registered with the Presentation Server for this dashlet template to be available.

Configuring the dashlet

You can configure this dashlet when you add or edit a dashboard

  1. Click Add Dashlet and select the Monitors - Top/Bottom Performers dashlet.
  2. Click the Configure Dashlet  icon.

  3. (Optional) To enter a meaningful and descriptive Title for the dashlet, click on the  link. The field becomes editable and you can enter a title. Alternatively, click the  link to use the default name.


    This title is a dynamic title based on the selected properties. However, this dynamic title may not match with the applied Global Filter Time Period after you upgrade from TrueSight Presentation Server 10.0. to 10.1.

  4. From the Type list, select either Top N Graph or Bottom N Graph.
    The default is Top N Graph.
  5. From the Number of Bars list, select a value 5, 10,or 15.
    The default is 10.
  6. From the Refresh Rate list, select a frequency for refreshing the chart view.
    The default is 5 minutes.
  7. From the Monitor Type, click the link.
    A search window is displayed. The  link becomes a  link.
  8. Select a BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management, Group, and Monitor Type from the list.

  9. Click Done to save the selection or Cancel to cancel the operation. 

  10. From the Attribute list, select an attribute.
  11. Select the height of the dashlet row: 1X2X, or 3X
    The value of X is approximately 100 pixels. The default height is 2X.

  12. Click Apply to add the configured dashlet to the dashboard.

    Best practice

    After you save the dashlet, change the dashboard row size settings to 50% layout or larger.

To include monitors in dashlet that are not directly associated with blueprint groups

In a dashlet, you can view the information even if the selected groups or any of its child groups has only devices added to it. In such cases, dashlet extracts monitor instances of each device and processes it to find the top and bottom performer.

If you do not want to process monitors associated to devices from blueprint groups, then run the following command:

tssh properties set tsps.topbottomperformance.dashlet.blueprint.include.devicemonitors false reload

By default, the flag is enabled.

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