Managing notification rules

Notification rules enable you to perform a set of actions when an event occurs. You can view a list of all notification rules on the Configuration > Notification Rules page on the TrueSight console. 

Event Rules (Infrastructure Management server operator console) Vs Notification Rules (TrueSight console)

Starting with this release, event rules workflow of Infrastructure Management server is now available as notification rules on the TrueSight console.

You can configure notification rules in the TrueSight console for each of the connected Infrastructure Management server, and these rules are processed in the respective Infrastructure Management server.

Types of notification rules

Notification rules can be categorized as:

  • Basic: This rule type is used to trigger specific actions (email and SNMP trap) for Infrastructure Management intelligent events, for external device-associated events, and for external events triggered by event adapters. When distinguishing a basic event rule type, you can select an intelligent event type, an external event type, or both (the default). If you select the intelligent event type, you can specify the full range of monitor type, event, and abnormality, and predictive event filter options. If you select the external event type, then you can specify only the severity level and event state (open, close, acknowledged, and/or assigned) filter.
    • Intelligent eventsInfrastructure Management events that are generated when you have data collection and monitoring enabled on the Infrastructure Management system. These are internal events. 
    • External eventsExternal events refer to device-associated events and events received from external event adapters.
  • Advanced: This rule type is used to trigger specific actions (email and SNMP trap) only for intelligent events. When distinguishing an advanced rule type, you can specify monitor types and instances, together with their attributes; an event state filter notification for the event with open, close, acknowledge, and assigned statuses; and an abnormality event filter.


In the basic notification rules, PATROL Agent events that are associated with monitors are also considered for rule processing if you select the intelligent event type. But in advanced rules, these are not considered.

To know how to configure a basic or advanced notification rule on the TrueSight console, see Configuring notification rules.

Event text customization

You can customize and format the event text details so that the notification email has a defined format and details. To know how to customize the notification event text, see Customizing the notification event text

Email groups

You can create email groups to send notification details to multiple recipients. To know how to configure email groups, see Configuring email groups for notification rules.

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Configuring notification rules

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