Consolidating devices in the administrator console

The Integration Service and the PATROL Agent discover devices and send detailed information about these devices to the Infrastructure Management Server. You can view this information in the All Devices page of the TrueSight console. 

If the same device is monitored and discovered by multiple PATROL Agents, then each PATROL Agent informs the Infrastructure Management Server that it has discovered the device as shown in the following figure.

However, the Infrastructure Management Server is able to detect that the same device has been discovered by various PATROL Agents. Therefore, in the All Devices page, If the same device has been discovered by multiple PATROL Agents, Infrastructure Management does not display the device each time it is discovered. Instead, it displays the device only once in the Device Name column. But, in the Agent column, it uses the count mechanism to display the number of agents that have discovered the device.

You can click the count link to view all the agents that have discovered the device.

To consolidate devices by short names

Devices can be consolidated by their short names. Do the following:


Ensure that there are no devices with the same name in multiple domains.

  1. Add the following value in the pw/custom/conf/pronet.conf file, and save the file:

  2. Restart the TrueSight Infrastructure Management server.

After the property is added, TrueSight Infrastructure Management generates the component alias by using the short name of devices. All Configurable Items in the CMDB and TrueSight Infrastructure Management are reconciled as long as their short names match.

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