2020-09-03_05-56-31_Viewing further information for an abnormality in the operator console

You can view further information for an abnormality by selecting the Grid view instead of the default Event View on the All Abnormalities screen, expand the + icon in the Select column, and then click the wrench icon in the Tools Menu column.

Further information options on the All Abnormalities screen



View a statistics graph

Choose Tools Menu > Show Graph.
Infrastructure Management provides additional options to modify the graph.

View the parent group of a subgroup

Choose Tools Menu > Show Parent Groups.

View abnormality details

Place your mouse over the i icon in the Description column

View ProbablecauseAnalysis for the abnormality

Click the Probable Cause Analysis icon in the Analyze column

Viewgraphicalrepresentationof an event record

Select the check box in the Select column and click Show Graph(s).
The Graph Display screen provides additional functionality through icons on the right side of the graph. Use these icons to zoom in on graphs, add the graph to a view, and perform other functions.

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