Modifying an event with web services

The web service API uses the PUT method to modify an event. The format of the URL and the input parameters to modify an event are the same as described at Creating events with web services. You must provide authentication credentials by using the login API before accessing the data. For information about the authentication process, see Web services authentication.


You must provide the mc_ueid attribute to update an event. If it is not provided, a new event is created based on the input parameters.

Sample input parameters in the JSON format are as follows:

    "eventSourceHostName": "",
    "eventSourceIPAddress": "",
    "attributes": {
        "CLASS": "EVENT",
        "mc_object_uri": "",
        "mc_ueid": "mc.pncell_BPPMprod.f0163a7.0",
        "severity": "OK",
        "msg": "Application Server Disk check OK",
        "mc_smc_alias": "Production AppServer",
        "mc_smc_id": "Model1_10000_S0109",
        "mc_owner": "Administrator",
        "mc_priority": "PRIORITY_5"
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