Infrastructure Management pw commands

You can run most functions of the Administration Console using the Infrastructure Management pw commands on command line interface. By default, users with admin privileges can run the Infrastructure Management pw commands. If pw commands (except for the pw admin command) are run by non-admin users, the commands will run but will generate errors. To run Infrastructure Management pw commands as a user without administrative privileges, admin privileges must be granted for the non-admin user to the following files:

  • pw\pronto\logs\ProactiveNetjservlets.log
  • pw\pronto\logs\jservlets.log


  • CLI commands do not support accessing and working with Resource Pool Monitors.
  • Infrastructure Management recommends that the name and IP address of all hosts are configured on the DNS server. If there is no DNS entry corresponding to a particular host, some or all Infrastructure Management actions might fail.
  • If the value of an argument or parameter contains more than one word, the value must be specified within double quotes.

Running pw commands on Integration Services might involve extra steps because the installation does not automatically create links pointing to pw. Possible solutions include performing the following action:

  • Specify the full path of the pw command.

For example, if the Integration Service is installed under /home/pwdir, then specify: /home/pwdir/pw agent status

  • Add the installation directory to your PATH variable.
    For example, in C shell: setenv PATH $PATH:/home/pwdir
  • Create a symbolic link in a directory already on PATH that points to the pw directory.
    For example: -s/home/pwdir/pw /bin/pw
  • Contact your system administrator.

The list of pw command:

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