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Events are of two types, external and intelligent events. External events are those that are received from third-party devices, and intelligent events are those that are generated from the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. External events coming from a device known to the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server are automatically associated with that device.

The Event Report shows events that occurred during a specified time period. The report consists of a stacked bar graph, indicating the number of events on the Y axis and time period on the X axis based on the inputs. The graph lists all events consolidated, irrespective of their multiple occurrences in the bars of the graph. Drilling down from the bars in the graph shows events in that time interval block. Drilling down from a multiple options bar graph shows the list of events of the respective options. To see the severity and status history when you drilling down from the status, see 2020-09-03_05-59-18_Acknowledging events from the operator console.


If you are upgrading from ProactiveNet version 9.0 or later, BMC recommends that you use Performance Management Reporting Studio to generate event reports.

Event default report types

Default Event Report TypesDescription
Critical Events for Previous Day
  • Report Type: Event
  • Report Frequency Daily
  • Duration: Day
Critical Events for Previous Week
  • Report Type: Event
  • Report Frequency Weekly
  • Duration: Week

The following table lists attributes specific to the Event report that must be specified along with the common attributes.

Event report attributes

Event Selection
  • All Events: Lists both Infrastructure Management and external events. External events refer to device-associated events and events received from external event adapters.
  • Intelligent Events: Lists Infrastructure Management events only
Filter Options
  • Intelligent Events
  • All Events
    • Events Associated with Device-includes only events associated with a device known to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server
    • Events Not Associated with a Device-includes events that are not associated with a device which are generated from a third party
  • No Filter-includes all events during generation of the report
  • Groups-See Common report attributes.
  • Devices-See Common report attributes. 
Attributes to report on
  • No Filter-includes all the events on all monitored instances during generation of the report
  • Single Attribute-See Common report attributes.
  • Attribute Set-See Common report attributes.
  • Consider Dynamic Attributes if any (applicable only to select monitors)-includes events on all Dynamic attributes for the selected monitors
  • Priority-includes the events with the selected priority
  • Consider Events with Duration Greater Than:-includes all the events that are open for more than the time duration specified 
Display Options
  • Status
    • Open: Lists only the events that are not closed
    • Assigned: Lists only the events that are assigned
    • Acknowledged: Lists only those events that are acknowledged
    • Closed: Lists only those events that are closed
    • Blackout: Lists only those events that are blacked out
  • Severity-determines the severity level of the report. Select any of the following severities to be considered for the report:
    • Critical
    • Major
    • Minor
    • Warning
    • Information
    • OK
  • Graph Options
    • Show only Graph-only displays the graph
    • Show only Table-only displays the table
  • Granularity-controls the number of time intervals that the report is divided into
    • By Hour-one bar of the graph represents the number of events that occur within an hour
    • By Day-one bar of the graph represents the number of events that occur within a day 


The PDF option for event reports is disabled. Hence, the PDF option in Email Options (page 3 of 3) while creating or editing a report does not work.

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