2020-09-03_06-02-04_Displaying all abnormalities for a graph in the operator console

The All Abnormalities icon is displayed as an additional graphing function only for graphs plotted using attributes of the same Abnormality Index monitor instance. Click the icon to access the All Abnormalities page that displays abnormalities for:

  • The same group on which the Abnormality Index Monitor is based 
  • The same duration for which the graph has been plotted

This icon is available for Line, Area, X-Y, and Pie graphs.

The All Abnormalities icon is not displayed if a graph is plotted using attributes of multiple monitor types.

Analyzing probable cause

Click the Go to Probable Cause icon to access the Event History page.


The data for the probable cause analysis is fetched from the server. However, the graph data is fetched from the BMC PATROL Agent directly if the graph is plotted for a single event or a monitor that is configured to collect only events using BMC PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later.

 Deleting a graph from a multi-graph view

The Delete icon is tied to the Multi-graph feature and is displayed only when there are two or more graphs. Use this icon to delete a graph from a multi-graph view.

 Displaying graphs for a resource pool

The Resource Pool icon launches the Graph Display page displaying graphs for each of the individual monitor instances forming the resource pool.

 Navigating the graph page

The Device at a Glance icon allows easy navigation from the graph to other related attributes graphed below without having to re-implement graph selections. When generated, the Device At a Glance page shows a stacked line graph for all the monitors on the device.

This option is available only for graphs with a single monitor instance and can also be accessed from the Tools menu on the Device Matrix page and from the Graph page. When displayed from the Device Matrix page, the graph displays the last four hours.

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