BMC Impact Integration Web Services Developer Package

The BMC Impact Integration Web Services Developer Package includes a a server, a web service, and a sample client. It enables web service client developers to build a client that can connect to and exchange events with the BMC Impact Manager network.


BMC Impact Integration Web Services provides a web service. The web services developer is responsible for building the client.

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  1. Martin Tauber

    It would ne very helpfull if this page contained a diagram of the different components of iiws and how the fit into the TSIM architecture! Reading through the documentation it is very difficult to understand the architecture of the component and how it works!

    For example this page does not mention the IIWSGateway. How does it fit into the picture? Nevertheless we have a chapter on this component in the documentation.

    Also there is no basic reference  on how to install the the BMC Impact Integration Web Service.

    And I don't find any information on how to start/stop the BMC Impact Web Service.

    This is really neccessary to get started. I am taking forever to explore to find out how it works. This is not user friendly at all.

    May 26, 2020 03:07