2020-09-03_06-01-43_Adjusting graph axes in the operator console

Use the Zoom function to adjust the vertical axis of the graph for viewing data more closely or from a higher level. The left axis is Y1 and the right axis is Y2.


The data for the graph is fetched from the server. However, it is fetched from the BMC PATROL Agent directly if the graph is plotted for a single event or a monitor that is configured to collect only events using BMC PATROL Agent version 9.5 or later.

To adjust the graph

  1. Click the Zoom icon to display a separate window.
  2. Based on the values used to plot the graph, enter the maximum and minimum values to be used to zoom the graph and, by default, the graphs are auto-scaled.
  3. Click the Zoom icon to view results.
    You can only view one axis change at a time, and this option does not permanently change the graph.

    The browser instance may, at times, cache the zoomed view of a graph. Using the browser navigation buttons mayresultindisplay of the cached pages. To avoid this, use the navigation options provided within the operator console.

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