2020-09-03_05-56-26_Adding a column to an event list for an abnormality in the operator console

All users can add a single column from an event class to events of abnormality type for groups, devices, and monitors by selecting the Event view on the All Abnormalities screen.

To add a column to an event list for an abnormality

  1. Click Quick Columns Selector.
  2. In the Quick Columns Selector dialog box, click Edit Columns.
  3. In the Event List Column Editor dialog box, under Available Columns, click Event Class Selector .
  4. Select Abnormality as the event class, and then click OK.
  5. Drag a column name into the header row of the event list.

    The newly added column now appears in the event list and the same is removed from the Events List Column Editor dialog box.

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