2020-09-03_05-58-46_Adding a mandatory note to event operations in the operator console

You can add a mandatory note for any event operation that you perform. For example, if you are assigning an event to a user, you can set an option to enter a mandatory note in the Assign To dialog box to close the event operation. If you do not enter a note, the OK button is disabled.

The option to add a mandatory note is disabled by default. If it is disabled, you can close the event operation without entering details in the Notes field. To enable the option of adding a mandatory note:

  1. Open the installationDirectory\pw\tomcat\webapps\pronto\jsp\swf\config\eventListDefaultProperties.xml file.
  2. Set the forceNotesForEventOps property to true.

You must relogintothe operator console each time you change the forceNotesForEventOps property.

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  1. Mahesh Darekar

    Event operations can also be performed from TSPS console. Do we have equivalent options in TSPS?  Please share details

    Aug 30, 2019 09:23
    1. Sanjay Prahlad

      Hello Mahesh, it is documented at Performing event operations in the TrueSight console. Since this section is for the operator console, we haven't mentioned it here.

      May 28, 2020 11:30