Adapter for SCOM debug log files

The adapter for SCOM includes log files that you can use for debugging issues.

The debug log files record some or all of the following information:

  • Processes used to connect and retrieve data from the SCOM server
  • Data retrieved from the SCOM server
  • Data stored in the database
  • Verification statements or errors encountered in the processes

The debug log files are disabled by default. You can use the command-line interface (CLI) commands to enable logging. For more information, see pw debug. For example, use the following command syntax to enable logging to a debug log file:
pw debug on -a <agent_name> -s <subsystem>


  • <agent_name> is the host name or IP address of the remote agent
  • <subsystem> is the name of the subsystem, such as SCOMPollManagerAutoDiscovery, SCOMPollManagerMonTypeDiscovery, or SCOMPollManager (which corresponds to the name of the log file)

On Windows systems, the debug log files are at <installationDirectory>\pronto\logs\debug

On UNIX systems, the debug log files are at <installationDirectory>/pw/pronto/logs/debug

The following table lists the available debug log files:

Log file name



Records data to be stored in the Infrastructure Management Database


Records data about the auto-sync process. The log is updated when the auto-sync process runs; that is, when you add or edit an adapter instance, or when an auto-sync is scheduled (every 24 hours, by default).


Records data about the discovery process. The log is updated when the import monitor type process runs.


Records data about the SCOM API native calls.

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