YARN page in the Hadoop view

The YARN page in the Hadoop view enables insights over tasks execution and corresponding resource utilization for the Hadoop YARN service.

To access the page, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, click Capacity Views > Hadoop > Hadoop View, and in the vSphere Infrastructure page, click the YARN tab.

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The data in the page is categorized based on different subsystems and grouped under separate tabs. Click a tab to view the metrics for that subsystem:

Displays a table with key performance indicators for YARN
DetailDisplays YARN charts over time

Metrics per cluster are displayed in a tabular format.

By default, some columns are hidden. You can show or hide columns using the action menuthat is located next to the table title.

This topic contains the following sections:


Resource utilization and tasks statistics are displayed for each cluster.

Each row in the table represents a Hadoop cluster and displays the following metrics:





Name of the Hadoop cluster

Last valueNAME
DistributionHadoop DistributionLast ValueHADOOP_DISTRIBUTION
Total VcoresNumber of vCores available to YARN serviceLast ValueCPU_NUM
Used VcoresVcores used by YARNAverageCPU_UTIL * CPU_NUM
Total MemoryMemory available to YARN serviceLast ValueTOTAL_REAL_MEM
Used MemoryMemory used by YARNAverageMEM_UTIL * TOTAL_REAL_MEM
Running Daily JobsNumber of jobs running in YARNAverageAPP_RUNNING
Total Daily Job DurationCumulative time YARN application were executingSumAPP_DURATION


This page displays YARN information for the selected cluster under the following sections or panels:

Section or PanelDescription
Main page

A graphical analysis of the CPU Utilzation, Total Job Duration, Job Queue and Job Completion/Failure rate over time for the selected cluster.

Configuration Details pageConfiguration information about the YARN service.

By following the "YARN Resources Usage" link in the Details page, a dedicated page is presented that allows the analysis of YARN pools resources distribution and utilization.

YARN resource usage section is available only if you apply Feature Pack 1 (10.7.01) available for TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.7.00.

For more information, see Sorting tables in views in the TrueSight console and Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console.










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