Viewing the details of Analysis templates

The Analysis templates page displays basic information about all analysis templates configured in the system. To access Analysis templates from the console, navigate to Administration > Template Management > Analysis templates.

The page contains an Analysis templates table that lists all available analysis templates and displays other useful information, such as the group and package they belong to, number of instances, and so on.

The following table describes each column in detail.

Analysis templates table: Description of columns

NameHyperlinked name of the analysis template. Click the name to view a basic description of the selected template.
GroupName of the template group the analysis template belongs to
PackageName of the package the analysis template is contained in
InstancesThe number of instances of the analysis template currently in use
EditClick to edit basic analysis template details such as, Name, Description, Template group, Use in Capacity console, and Use in Capacity console and TrueSight console. You can only edit a custom analysis template.
DeleteClick to delete the required analysis template. You can delete only those custom analysis templates that are available only in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization Console.

The following figure shows an example of the Analysis templates page in the console.

Analysis templates page

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