Viewing scheduled Manager runs

To view scheduled runs, perform the following task:

  1. Select Administration > Gateway Manager > Gateway Operations.
  2. Click View Scheduled Runs.
  3. The Scheduled Runs table displays the following information:

    Run Name

    Name of the manager run. Click the name of the manager to view and edit the details of the manager run. For more details, see Creating new Manager runs. If you use an agent list to create manager runs in a gateway server, one or more manager runs are automatically created and scheduled. The first manager run is tagged as the master manager run. When you update the properties of a master manager run, the properties of all manager runs associated with that agent list are updated.


    It is not recommended to update the properties of a manager run that has an associated master manager run as the updates to properties of manager run are overwritten by the properties defined for the master manager run.

    Start timeTime on which the manager run is scheduled to start.
    Gateway ServerName of the gateway server with which the corresponding gateway manager run is associated.
    Master Run NameName of the master manager run if there are multiple manager runs created from a gateway server agent list.
  4. Select the following additional filters as required:

    1. Gateway Server: Select the Console from the drop down list or select [All] to view the Manager Run logs for all the consoles.
    2. Manager Run: Select the Manager Run to view specific logs.
    3. Manager Run Filter: Type a Manager Run name or wildcard expression such as *win.
  5. Click any run to view the properties. For more details, see Creating new Manager runs.

View Scheduled Runs page

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