Upgrading capacity views

You must upgrade the capacity views after registering the Capacity Optimization product with the TrueSight Presentation Server. Also, you can upgrade a customized out-of-the-box view to go back to the original, default settings.

If you want to upgrade the Storage, Network, or Hadoop views, you need to upload the new view package file. For more information, see Installing capacity views.

Before you begin

Ensure that any changes made to the out-of-the-box view that you want to upgrade are saved because after the upgrade, the changes will be lost and the view will return to its default settings. For more information, see Exporting and importing views.

To upgrade a capacity view

  1. In the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console, click Administration > System > Maintenance.
    The Maintenance page is displayed, with the Additional Packages tab selected.
  2. In the Additional Packages table, for the view that you want to upgrade, click  to upgrade the view.


    If a view was not installed earlier, you must install it. For more information, see Installing capacity views.

    The Status column displays RUNNING until the view upgrade is in process. After the upgrade completes, the Status column displays INSTALLED.

The upgraded views appear under the Views tab. These views are owned by the admin user, and to grant access to other users, the admin user must edit each view and associate it with one or more access groups.

Where to go from here

Managing access control

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