TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Servers Plus license add-on

The following table lists the components for TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Servers Plus. For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Servers Plus

Functional component

Technical components

TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Moviri Integrator for Servers2
  • Hadoop view
  • Cloudera connector
  • Ambari (Hortonworks) connector
  • HP BSM connector
  • HP Reporter connector
  • HP SiteScope connector
  • HP uCMDB connector
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring connector
  • Microsoft SCOM connector
  • Splunk connector
  • Kubernetes connector

¹ The Capacity agents formerly known as BMC Performance Assurance (BPA) agents are now called TrueSight Capacity Optimization agents and are included in the 10.0+ package.

2If you are not licensed for the TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Servers Plus license, then the Moviri Integrator for Servers connectors must be purchased separately.

This license does not entitle you to use the TrueSight Cloud Cost Control features in the TrueSight console, or the following ETL modules in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console:

  • Amazon Web Services - AWS Cost and Usage Extractor

  • Microsoft Azure - Cost and Usage Extractor 

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