Task 3 - Verify the operation of the data collectors on Windows

To confirm that System Collect is installed and working properly, perform the following steps on the Gateway Server console computer.

To verify the operation of the data collectors on Windows

  1. Select Start > All Programs > BMC Software > Gateway Server > Collect Data.
  2. In the Data Collect Wizard, click Start a collect process on a Console or Agent computer.
  3. In the Collect Wizard welcome page click Next.
  4. In the Collection Mode page, select the collection mode and then click Next.
    • Standard Mode collects data from a designated computer that has direct communication with the Gateway Server.
    • Secure Mode collects data on a computer that is not connected to the console.
    • Collect from a policy file collects data according to a predefined file.
  5. If you selected Collect from a policy file, click Browse to navigate and import the policy file, and then click Next.
  6. In the Select Computers page, enter the computers from which you want to collect data and then click Next.

    Select Computers options



    Agent computers or network address

    Enter the name of the computers with Perform Agent where data will be collected.

    Optional name of Agent computer

    When collecting from only a single computer, enter its name or network address.

    File with list of computers to collect

    List the names or network addresses of all the computers in a text file (.txt).

  7. In the Properties and Actions page, enter the location of the data repository directory and collection information, and then click Next.

    Repositories and Actions options



    Repository on the Console

    Enter the path to the directory on the Gateway Server computer where the repository data is saved.

    Repository on the Agent

    If the repository path is for all Microsoft Windows computers, all UNIX computers, or a specific computer, select this option and then enter the specific path to the data repository

    This wizard is normally

    Select the action that will start when you finish the wizard: Start Collect, Pull Data, or Push Data.

  8. In the DataCollection Frequency page, select how often computer data is collected and summarized, and then click *Next*.
    • Collect data every indicates how often Perform Agent collects data, in seconds.
    • Summarize data every indicates how often Perform Agent summarizes the data and saves a summary in the repository, in minutes.
  9. In the Collection Schedule page, enter the time span during which Perform Agent will collect data on the designated computers, and then click Next.

    Collection Schedule options



    Begin immediately

    Begins collection immediately and stops after a designated time span


    Begins collection after a designated time span after the wizard is completed, and ends after a designated time span

    Begin and end

    Starts and ends collection on specified dates and times

  10. In the Completing the Collection Wizard page, review the settings that you specified and then click Finish to complete the collection wizard
    Perform Agent, in the selected computers, begins collecting data as you specified in the wizard.
  11. Click Next, Finish, and then Close. When the collection duration (10 minutes) ends, confirm that the correct files have been created and transferred from the agent computer to the console computer. System Collect creates udr files, named in the following formats:
    • repository\computerName\date.time\type-of-stats\raw.udr
    • repository\computerName\date.time\type-of-stats\raw.lox
      (The default repository on the console computer is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Patrol3\NTC\history).


      The temporary default repository on the agent computer is C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Patrol3\BEST1version\History. This directory serves as a repository until the data is transferred to the console computer.

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