Summary page in the Hadoop view

The Summary page in the Hadoop view enables an high level assessment of the utilization of Hadoop Deployments. It provides at-a-glance visibility on key performance indicators for both the cluster and the entire Hadoop estate as whole.

This page is available only if you apply the Feature Pack 1 (10.7.01) of the TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.7.


To access the page, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, click Capacity Views > Hadoop > Hadoop View, and in the vSphere Infrastructure page, click the Summary tab.

Related topic

This overview page provides an over time aggregated view of the whole Hadoop estate present in TrueSight Capacity Optimization. It is possible to select specific Hadoop vendor distribution, and the aggregate utilization metrics will update acccordingly.

For more information, see Sorting tables in views in the TrueSight console and Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console.

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