Storage Systems page in the Storage Systems view

The Storage Systems page in the Storage Systems view enables you to verify :

  • the capacity of your storage systems and know if they can meet future allocation requirements
  • the bandwidth utilization of your storage systems and if more ports can be added. 

To access the page, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, click Capacity > Storage > Storage Systems, and in the Storage Systems page, click the Storage Systems tab.

Metrics per storage system are displayed in a tabular format.

By default, some columns are hidden. You can show or hide columns using the action menuthat is located next to the table title.

Each row in the table represents a storage system and displays the following metrics:




Storage System

Name of the storage system.

Not applicable

VendorSystem vendor.Not applicableST_SYSTEM_VENDOR
ModelModel of the system.Not applicableST_SYSTEM_MODEL
Size [TB]Overall size of the component in Terabytes. For a storage system, this value is the sum of the raw size of all disks.Average on the latest dayST_SIZE
Capacity [TB]Total capacity in Terabytes. For storage systems, unused raw space plus sum of the capacity for all storage pools.Average on the latest dayST_CAPACITY
Configured Capacity [TB]1

Total capacity in Terabytes configured for Volumes.

Average on the latest dayST_CONFIGURED_VOLUME_CAPACITY
Configured Capacity [%]1Percentage of configured capacity in the storage system.Average on the latest dayST_CONFIGURED_VOLUME_CAPACITY_PCT
Subscribed Capacity [TB]Sum of the host visible capacity (in Terabytes) for all volumes in the storage system. Can be greater than the actual capacity of the storage system for over-subscribed thin pools.Average on the latest dayST_SYSTEM_SUBSCRIBED_CAPACITY
Available Capacity [TB]Capacity not consumed in Terabytes. For storage systems, unused raw space plus available capacity in storage.Average on the latest dayST_AVAILABLE_CAPACITY
Consumed Capacity [TB]Capacity actually consumed in Terabytes.Average on the latest dayST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY
Consumed Capacity [%]Percentage of capacity actually consumed.Average on the latest dayST_CONSUMED_CAPACITY_PCT
Number of Ports

Total number of ports.

Not applicableST_SYSTEM_PORT_NUM
Bandwidth [Gbit/s]Data transfer rate in Gigabytes per second.Not applicableST_SYSTEM_BANDWIDTH
Bandwidth Utilization [%]Amount of bandwidth currently in use by the port.Average on the last 30 rolling daysST_SYSTEM_BANDWIDTH_UTIL

To view details for a specific storage system

To view the details page for a particular storage system, click its (hyper-linked) name under the Storage System column.

The details page displays information for the selected storage system under the following sections or panels:

Section or PanelDescription
Summary page

A quick summary of all the capacity and traffic information available for the storage system.

Configuration Details pageConfiguration information about the storage system. The information displayed in this page depends on the configuration data metrics available in the entity. They are described in the ETL User Documentation.
Controllers and Ports

Information about the controllers and ports of the storage system (controller name, port name, type, address, bandwidth).


Information about the storage system disks (name, model, type, revolution per minute, size).

To view related information

The Related Information panel located at the top of the view, next to the Tags panel in the storage system details page contains the following links:


Storage Filers

Opens the Storage Filers page in the Storage Systems view that displays information about all storage filers for the selected storage system.

Storage PoolsOpens the Storage Pools page in the Storage Systems view that displays information about all storage pools for the selected storage system.
Storage VolumesOpens the Storage Volumes page in the Storage Systems view that displays information about all storage volumes for the selected storage system.
Storage SharesOpens the Storage Shares page in the Storage Systems view that displays information about all storage shares for the selected storage system.

To find a specific storage system

Use the sorting and filtering options on the page to find a specific storage system. For more information, see Sorting a table in the TrueSight console and Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console.

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