Reviewing virtualization study results

The results of the study are presented in several sections on the Results report. You can review the report to see how many servers were recommended to host the consolidated work, and how the work from the consolidated servers should be distributed to the host servers.

The report is divided into various tabs that provide details.


The tabs and sections inside each tabs displayed are based on the Virtualization Study type and options selected. For instance, the Affinity Rules tab will not be displayed if you did not select Affinity Rules for the study.

Tab nameDescription

Displays a snapshot of the effectiveness of the virtualization study. It has three basic components:

Candidate Assignments in a virtualization studyDisplays the assignments details for candidate to the virtual targets.
Placement Map for a consolidation study

Provides a visual analysis of the virtualization study.

Host, Pool and Cluster ResultsDisplays results for the virtual targets using tables and charts.
Storage Details in a virtualization studyDisplays the details of the storage utilization for each of the storage units.
Affinity RulesDisplays a list of affinity rules used during the study.
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