Preparing for a Gateway Server installation on Linux

The following table lists the preinstallation requirements that must be fulfilled before installing Gateway Server on computers running the Linux operating system. The Component column in the table indicates whether the requirement pertains to a Console or Agent installation.

After verifying that the target Linux system meets the requirements in this topic and those identified in the Planning section, you can install the Gateway Server and Capacity Agents using either the wizard-based installation or the silent installation method.  

Requirements for installing on Linux




Gateway Server User account

Gateway Server and Agent

You must create an account for the user who will own the installation. The owner must be a non-privileged, not-root user. The install wizard asks for the user name during the installation process.
For details about setting up accounts for installation, see your system administrator.

Temporary disk space

Gateway Server

The Gateway Server installer requires 500 MB of available temporary disk space during the installation. The installer looks for temporary disk space using the following sequence:

  1. $IATEMPDIR environment variable
  2. /tmp
  3. Your home directory

Pcron scheduler

Gateway Server

Used for scheduling Manager runs.

UI Installation

Gateway Server

Xvfb should be installed on Linux to install product using GUI.

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