Preparing a Windows host for installation

The following tables list the preinstallation requirements that must be fulfilled before you begin installing Gateway Server on Microsoft Windows. It is noted if the requirement pertains to a Console or Agent installation.


Console or Agent


Install account

Console and Agent

Verify that the account you are using to install Gateway Server has Administrator privileges. For details about setting up accounts for installation, see your system administrator.

SYSTEM user permissions


If you are using an NTFS directory, verify that the SYSTEM user has read, write, and execute permissions on the directory where you plan to install the console (by default C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Patrol3\BEST1\NTC).

Temporary disk space


The Gateway Server installer requires 500 MB of available temporary disk space during the installation. The installer looks for temporary disk space using the following sequence:

  1. %TMP% environment variable
  2. %TEMP% environment variable

(Optional) Unrestricted mode

Console and Agent

BMC recommends that you configure your system to allow the Gateway Server software installation to run in unrestricted mode. If you have any questions, see your system administrator.

(Optional) Terminal Services

Console and Agent

On systems where it applies, BMC recommends that you configure Terminal Services so that it will not delete the temp folder on exit, and so that it will not use temporary folders per session. For more information, see your system administrator.

Where to go from here

After you have prepared a Windows host for installation, perform the following operations in the order listed:

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