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Use the Microsoft Azure – Azure API Extractor ETL  to collect data from the virtual machines that are provisioned in the Azure cloud. The collected data is used for analyzing and optimizing the capacity of your Azure infrastructure. This ETL supports collecting data for both Resource Manager model and Azure Classic model. You can select the deployment model for which you want to collect data during the ETL configuration.

If you select the Resource Manager model, the ETL connects with  Microsoft Windows Azure Resource Management REST API  to extract the metrics and relationships of Windows Azure resources to support capacity management use cases.

For the Resource Manager model, the ETL also supports collecting data from Azure Government Cloud subscriptions along with Azure Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions. To collect this data, apply hotfix CHF#021 or later to TrueSight Capacity Optimization. You can download the hotfix from this location .

The ETL connects with the Azure Government Cloud using different APIs. For more information, see Entities, lookup information, metrics, and API calls for Azure Resource Manager model.

If you select the Classic model, the ETL connects with Microsoft Windows Azure Service Management REST API .

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