Manager component requirements

The Manager component automates scheduled runs of Collect, Analyze, and Predict. You can also use Managing and maintaining Gateway Servers to automate and create scheduled runs and node lists for both UNIX and Windows consoles from a single place.

Requirements on UNIX


The Manager component uses the pcron utility, in addition to the system cron, to schedule tasks in a UNIX environment. This configuration enables more Manager runs to be scheduled simultaneously, and more nodes to be included in each Manager script.

Setting the System V IPC semaphores for running Manager on UNIX systems

The UNIX Manager component uses System V IPC semaphores to control the global number of collection start and the transfer requests on Solaris platforms. The variables to control the collection start and transfer are specified in the UDR Collection Manager configuration file ($BEST1_HOME/local/setup/collectManager.cfg ). 

The following table lists these variables. 

 Collection start and transfer requests




Number of threads permitted to send collection requests and query requests concurrently for all manager runs. A 0 value disables the throttling mechanism. The default value is 10.


Number of threads permitted to initiate UDR data transfers concurrently for all manager runs. A 0 value disables the throttling mechanism. The default value is 10.

The following Solaris semaphore variables must be greater than the following minimum Manager values:

  • Minimum Manager Value for seminfo_semume: Maximum of COLREQ_CONCURRENT_GLOBAL and TRANSFER_CONCURRENT_GLOBAL multiplied by two operations.
    For the default configuration the minimum value would be 20 (10 concurrent global multiplied by two operations)
  • Minimum Manager Value for seminfo_semmnu: Number of Manager Runs multiplied by 2.
    For example, if a you have 50 manager runs, the value of the seminfo_semmnu should be at least 100 (50 manager runs multiplied by two days).

See Setting boot time values for shared memory and semaphore parameters for details on how to set these parameters.

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