Lookup service

Lookup service overview

Lookup service performs lookup on the Shared Entity Catalog for the entities that are extracted by two or more ETLs that use the same Shared Entity Catalog. When an entity is extracted by an ETL, the lookup service checks the Shared Entity Catalog to determine whether the corresponding entity is already available in the Shared Entity Catalog or not. If the entity is available, the Lookup service adds additional details about the entity in the catalog. If the entity is not available in the catalog, the Lookup service add the new entity to the Shared Entity Catalog with the additional details.

Troubleshooting lookup using logs

If the Lookup service is not available and there are two or more ETLs running with the same Shared entity catalog, a warning (BCO_ETL_WARN309) is displayed on the log page of the ETL task (Administration > ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > ETL tasks > ETL taskName > log) page indicating that the lookup service is unavailable. In addition, an INFO message is displayed on the ETL tasks page indicating that the remaining entities will be cached.

When the Lookup service is available again and the ETL is re-run, an INFO message is displayed on the log page of the ETL task (Administration > ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > ETL tasks > ETL taskName > log) indicating that the cached entities will be restored. After the cached entities are restored, an INFO message is displayed indicating that the cache file will be deleted.

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