Installing the Gateway Server components

A complete Gateway Server installation comprises the Gateway Server console and the Capacity Agents, which are installed on the target systems. The Capacity Agents collect operating system data from their target systems and send it to the Gateway Server, which in turn sends it to the ETL Server.  


The Gateway server components are optional components in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization environment. However, if you do not install these components, you must configure ETLs to gather operating system data.

 Installation process overview for TrueSight Capacity Optimization...

The following flow diagram shows the end-to-end installation and configuration process for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization product. If you have not completed a prerequisite task, click the corresponding box in the process flow diagram.

Install workflow


Before you begin

Installation methods

When installing the Gateway Server components, you can choose to run the installation program from a wizard UI or from a command line. Regardless of the installation method that you choose, ensure that you first complete the prerequisite tasks. 

Wizard-based installation

Silent installation mode 

Post-installation configuration

Following verification of the installation, perform the post-installation configuration tasks listed in Collecting data via agents.

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