Installation worksheet for Gateway Server and Capacity Agent on UNIX and Linux

Use this worksheet to help you collect the input parameters that you will need to provide when installing the Gateway Server on computers with UNIX and Linux operating systems. You can print this page and complete the worksheet by hand, or you can export this page to Microsoft Word and complete it on your computer.


To more easily gather the properties for the installation worksheets, you can export this page to Microsoft Word.

To export the topic, click or tap the Tools (gear) option at the top of the page, and select Export to Word. The exported file is downloaded to your Downloads directory. 

Worksheet for installing on UNIX and Linux




My value


Destination directory

Console and Agent


The base directory for the Gateway Server installation.

Gateway Server User

Console and Agent


The name of the non-privileged user (not root) who will own the installation.

Service Daemon port

Console and Agent


Perform Agent port

Console and Agent


Status Reporting port

Console and Agent


Gateway Manager port



History Data Repository

Console and Agent


Used if you enable historical data collection for Investigate. BMC recommends you begin with a minimum of 75 MB of disk space.

Collect Data Repository

Console and Agent


Initially, this directory should have 100 MB of space.

Service Daemon Installation Directory

Console and Agent


Maximum process command length

Console and Agent


The maximum process command length that will be collected by the Perform data collector.

PATROL Agent Home Directory

Console and Agent


Oracle Client home directory



For use with UNIX Populate, the path to the Oracle Client home directory.

Where to go from here

After you have collected the required information for the optional installation worksheet, prepare a UNIX or Linux host for installation

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