Installation process overview

The TrueSight Capacity Optimization product installation process requires preinstallation, installation,and post-installation work.

Each of the boxes in the process diagram links to the corresponding topic. The table that follows the diagrams provides additional details and resources for each step.

Installation workflow

Install workflow

Steps and references to install the product

Prepare to install
1Review the planning information.Planning worksheets, deployment architecture recommendations, security information, and system requirements
2Prepare for the installation.Installation worksheets to capture installation properties, download instructions for obtaining the installation files, and some prerequisite tasks
Perform the installation
3Install the Remedy Single Sign-On server and TrueSight Presentation Server.

  1. Install Remedy Single Sign-On: Authenticates users who log on to the TrueSight Presentation Server and TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
  2. Install the TrueSight Presentation Server: Hosts the TrueSight console and consumes data from various TrueSight products. Provides access to the capacity views and the Investigate tool.
  1. Install Remedy Single Sign-On:
  2. Install Presentation Server:
4Install the Application Server components.

Install all or selected components of the Application Server components on the same computer.

In case of a medium/large environment,install the Application Server components on separate computers. 

5Install the Application Server components on additional computer.

Install the Application Server components on additional computers

In case of a medium/large environment, install the ETL Engine Server and other components of the Application Server on additional computers.

Installing Application Server components on additional computers
6Install the Gateway Server.

Install the Gateway Server.

You do not need to install this component if you use ETLs to gather operating system metrics.

Installing the Gateway Server components
7Install Capacity Agent.

Install Capacity Agent on the system from which you want to collect data.

Configure after the installation
8Configure users and user roles.Configure users and user roles. Configuring users and user groups
9Register Capacity Optimization product.Register Capacity Optimization product. Registering the Capacity Optimization product with the Presentation Server
10Install add-on packages
  • Install the required capacity views.
  • Download and install the Sentry and Moviri ETL modules
11(Optional) Enable TLS for communication channels.
Enable TLS for the required communication channels.

Enhances inter-component security

Securing communication between product components

12Create and schedule Manager Runs

Create and schedule Manager Runs.

You can start or stop the service on Windows by navigating to services.msc or by running commands on the command line.

To start or stop the service from services.msc

  1. Navigate to the computer where Remedy Single Sign-On is installed.
  2. Click Start > Run > services.msc.
  3. Start or stop the BMC Remedy Single Sign-On Server service.

To start or stop the process from the command line

  1. Navigate to the <installationDirectory>\rsso\bin directory.
  2. On the command line, run one of the following commands:
    • To start the process: rsso.bat server start
    • To stop the process: rsso.bat server stop


    Running the start command results in first stopping the Remedy Single Sign-On service and then starting it.

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