Indicator Parameters

Indicator parameters are named values associated with systems or business drivers and are automatically computed by the auto forecasting service. These values are ultimately derived from BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization metrics. Use this screen to configure definition parameters for indicators. For more information, refer to the following section.

To set global Indicator Parameter values in the console

  1. Navigate to Administration > Resource Monitor > Indicator Parameters.
    The Parameters section displays preset global values for indicator parameters. To modify these values, click Edit and enter values for the following parameters:

    Indicators and ParametersDefault value & unit
    Days to saturation
    Minimum number of days needed to calculate trends5 days
    Idle VM
    Show VMs whose CPU utilization is less than5%
    Ballooning minimum
    Minimum value for ballooning1MB

    Virtualization Readiness

    CPU consumption metric mandatory


    CPU consumption threshold

    5 GHz

    Memory consumption metric mandatory


    Memory consumption threshold

    8 GB

    Disk consumption metric mandatory


    Disk consumption threshold

    7.5 Kbyte/s

    Network consumption metric mandatory


    Network consumption threshold

    1 Gbit/s

    Composite Memory Indicators for VMware Clusters, Hosts and Capacity Pools
    Maximum ratio of consumed by active memory6
    Memory overcommitment threshold1.2
    Memory Pressure Indicator for AIX PowerVM Hosts
    Memory page rate threshold for partitions64 bytes/s
    Minimum number of partitions that can exceed Memory page rate threshold20
    CPU Pressure Indicator for VMware Clusters and Hosts
    CPU Ready threshold for VMs10%
    Minimum number of VMs that can exceed CPU Ready threshold10
    CPU Pressure Indicator for AIX PowerVM Hosts
    CPU Ready threshold for VMs10%
    Minimum number of VMs that can exceed CPU Ready threshold10
    Storage Pressure Index for VMware Clusters and Capacity Pools
    I/O latency threshold30 ms
    Minimum number of datastores that can exceed I/O latency threshold10
    Spare VMs

    Use Composite Memory Utilization % indicator instead of Memory Utilization % metric


    Default VM CPU usage

    Default size is used when no VMs are running on the host/cluster

    Default VM memory usage

    1 GHz

    Default VM storage usage

    2 GB

  2. Click Save.

    To discard changes and revert to default values, click 

The following image shows an example of the Indicator Parameters page in view mode and displaying default values for each parameter of an indicator.

Indicator Parameters page

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