Editing events for an analysis

The Events tab is displayed only while editing a Time Analysis in the Advanced mode, and enables you to display particular event types over specific filters. Macro events can be displayed in chart analyses to correlate them with performance and business driver KPIs; this feature enables you to underline the effects of changes (impact analysis) or to discover the cause behind incidents.

The events associated with analysis objects (systems and business drivers) are displayed in analysis charts if:

  • They occurred in the displayed time span
  • The analysis is set to display those type of events

After you click Run now on the Analysis details page, thumbnails of generated charts that are based on the defined properties are displayed in the working area.

  • For each instantaneous event, a vertical line and a label are displayed in the chart, as shown in the following figure. 
  • If the event is not instantaneous, two vertical lines representing the beginning and end timestamps are displayed.

The following image shows an example of a chart displaying an event. You can see that after the memory upgrade, the system page rate decreases considerably.

To edit events for an analysis

  1. In the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console, navigate to Workspace > All Domains > Domain > Works.
  2. Click on an analysis you want to modify chart options for. The analysis details page is displayed on the right.
  3. Click Edit. The Edit analysis page is displayed.
  4. Expand the Events tab and edit the properties listed in the table.



    Show events of type

    Restrict the displayed event categories. Select one or more of the following options:

    • Change
    • Detected event
    • Error
    • Generic
    • Incident
    • Maintenance
    • Problem
    • Reservation
    • Unknown type
    • What-if event

    Filter names matching

    Filter events matching the specified name.

    Filter by sourceclass matching

    Filter events by source class.

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