Determining required configuration tasks

The following configuration tasks are required to run Gateway Server on UNIX systems: 


No specific configuration tasks are required for Gateway Server on Microsoft Windows.

Setting up environment variables

You must set up several environment variables to be able to run Gateway Server on UNIX systems.

Setting the BEST1_HOME environment variable

Before you can run Gateway Server, you must set the BEST1_HOME environment variable to the best1 directory (this is required for the managing node only). The BEST1_HOME variable specifies the best1 installation directory that holds the bgs and local directories created by the installation script.

You can set the BEST1_HOME variable by using the following methods.

  • Enter the following lines at the command line each time you type the best1 command to run Gateway Server on UNIX. Note that pathname is the pathname of the installation directory. In the command, <v.v.vv> indicates the version number, for example 7.4.00 or 7.5.10.
    • For Korn or Bourne shell:

      % BEST1_HOME=pathname/best1_<v.v.vv>
      % export BEST1_HOME
    • For C shell:

      % setenv BEST1_HOME pathname/best1_<v.v.vv>
  • Define this variable in the .profile or .login files by inserting the preceding lines.

Accessing Local Calling Scripts

You should set your path to access script files with the following commands:

  • For Korn or Bourne shell:

    % PATH=$BEST1_HOME/bgs/scripts:$PATH
    % export PATH


    % PATH=$PATH:$BEST1_HOME/bgs/scripts
    % export PATH
  • For C shell:

    % setenv PATH "${PATH} $BEST1_HOME/bgs/scripts

BEST1_COLLECT_HOME environment variable

The remote computers determine which version of the product to start, based on which version of the console you are using. For example, if the remote Agent node has both 7.4.00 and 7.5.10 installed and you are using a 7.5.10 console, the 7.5.10 agent is started.

Setting the DISPLAY environment variable on the console

The DISPLAY environment variable should point to your workstation. In the following example commands, replace <workstation> with the actual name of your workstation or terminal identifier.

  • For the Korn or Bourne shells:

    % export DISPLAY


    % export DISPLAY

  • For the C shell:

    setenv DISPLAY <workstation>:0

Updating system files for the NIS master node

If you have installed Gateway Server on a UNIX computer that is not the NIS Master, Agent and Investigate might not communicate properly because the TCP/IP ports are not recognized. 

Correct this situation with the following procedure.

  1. Add the following line to /etc/serviceson the NIS master node.

     bgssd 10128/tcp # Agent
  2. Update the NIS Master Services file on the master node as configured on your system.

     % cd /var/yp
     % make services.
  3. Restart the Inetd Daemon on the NIS master node to re-read the updated configuration files.

Default ports used by Gateway Server





Service daemon


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