Data Explorer view

The Data Explorer view for AWS shows the behavior of entity specific performance metrics under fixed and custom time periods.

The Data Explorer views display the resource utilization of key metrics, such as, CPU core clock frequency, Number of CPU cores, CPU Utilization %, Real Memory Utilization %, Memory Utilization %, Total File Systems Utilization %, Real memory. 

These metrics are displayed in separate charts. You can choose to view the data for a specific domain, tag, or time periods by using the corresponding filters. For more information, see Using filtering options in views in the TrueSight console. 

The data (tables, charts, analyses), available metrics, and granularity in these views is based on data present in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization database, and not on the data that comes from the Visualizer database. 

To access the AWS Data Explorer view, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, select  > Capacity > Views > Cloud > AWS > Data Explorer.

An example of the AWS Data Explorer view

For more information about the Data Explorer views for each entity in this view group, see the following topics:


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