Creating a new virtualization study

You can create several types of Virtualization studies. Creating a new study will help you optimize server performance and throughput, with the goal of getting data processing closer to the limits of the server capacity in your data center.

  1. Navigate to the Virtual Planner tab.The New Study page is displayed.
    After you select data for the study, the corresponding data is loaded and the resulting computer counts are displayed.
  2. Select the study type.
    The study types available depend on the computers discovered. For example, Decommission guests will not be available if no virtual guests are discovered for the current selection.
    The following study types are available:
Study TypeSelect this Study Type to...
Consolidate to Virtual

Project the benefits of virtualizing underutilized standalone servers, or of re-hosting existing guests or partitions in a new virtual environment.

Deploy New Guests

Gauge the impact of deploying new guests into your virtual environment. Real system measurements or user-specified values can be used for the profiles of the guests to be deployed.

Decommission Guests

Decommission guests, and view the impact of freeing their resources back to the virtual environment where they are hosted.

Decommission Hosts

Decommission hosts, and view the impact of distributing their guests to other new or existing targets.

Creating a study to project growth

Estimate the resource utilization and capacity requirement due to a specified percentage growth in demand in your virtual environment.

Rebalance Virtual Hosts

Relocate guests on existing virtual hosts to achieve approximate utilization balance among hosts.

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