Changes to the Investigate tool

With the TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0 release, the TrueSight console, which is hosted on the TrueSight Presentation Server, is the user interface for the Investigate tool. The TrueSight console is accessible from a web browser and a mobile device. 

What has changed?

You can now access and use the Investigate tool in the TrueSight console. The Investigate native console support is dropped. With the new simplified workflow of the Investigate tool, you can easily create charts and tables, called investigate studies, to achieve the following goals:

  • Proactively watch the capacity and performance of your systems. 
  • View the capacity and performance data in near real-time. 
  • Perform adhoc troubleshooting and root-cause analysis for problems on a specific system.


From TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0, you cannot use the native Windows-based console for Investigate. Policies and charts that were created in the native console will not be available after you upgrade to TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0. You need to create new investigate studies in the TrueSight console to get started. For more information, see Setting up and using the Investigate tool.

To access the Investigate tool in the TrueSight console 

Following an upgrade to TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0, the Capacity Optimization administrator must complete the following tasks to ensure that users can access and use the Investigate tool from the TrueSight console: 

  1. Register the Capacity Optimization product in the TrueSight Presentation Server. For more information, see Registering the Capacity Optimization product with the Presentation Server.
  2. Configure the required data collection. For more information, see Configuring data collection for the Investigate tool.
  3. Ensure that users have the required access rights to the views. For more information, see Configuring users and user groups.

Investigate in native console versus TrueSight console

Quick comparison of the main navigation for Investigate tool in the native console and in the TrueSight console

Investigate in the native console

Investigate in the TrueSight console

The figures contain sample data.

The following table provides a quick comparison between the two consoles used for accessing the Investigate tool and links to how-to topics:


Native console

 TrueSight console
Old workflow New workflowHow-to link
1Investigate > Policies 

You do not need to create policies now.

You can select systems as part of the investigate study creation workflow.

Investigate > Create Investigate Study > Select Domain/System

Creating and managing Investigate studies 
2Investigate > Charts and Drill Downs
  • To view charts:
    Investigate > Investigate Study > View Charts

  • To drill down into a chart for details:
    Investigate > Investigate Study > View Charts
    and right-click on a point on the chart and select Drill Down.

Investigating capacity and performance issues in systems
3Investigate > Policies > Continuous UpdateInvestigate > Investigate Study > Auto-refresh

To view near real-time data.

Viewing near real-time capacity and performance data


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