Browser requirements for TrueSight Capacity Optimization consoles

This topic presents browser requirements for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console and the TrueSight console. The topic also includes a browser compatibility matrix for the TrueSight console:

TrueSight Capacity Optimization console

The TrueSight Capacity Optimization console is supported on the following browsers:

Compatible web browsers and operating systems for the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console

Browser →

Operating system ↓

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Mozilla Firefox 1

Google Chrome 1

Microsoft Windows






1 Use the latest version of the browser.

2 The TrueSight Capacity Optimization console might not display correctly in some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer because of enhanced security configurations of the browser, or compatibility mode of the browser.

To ensure that the console is displayed correctly, add the console name to the Trusted sites zone in the security section of the Internet Options dialog box of the Microsoft Internet Explorer. This update lowers the security settings for the console and correctly displays all content. For more information, see  Managing Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration .

Ensure that the compatibility mode of your browser is not forcing an older, unsupported version. For more information, see Compatibility View .

3  In Google Chrome, if you manually drag the Navigation panel to widen or reduce it, and then click the Collapse icon, the Navigation panel does not appear where it normally should. For more information about this known issue, see .

Both 32-bit and 64-bit browser architectures are supported.

TrueSight console

For details, see TrueSight console browser requirements and compatibility.

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