Analysis chart types supported in the TrueSight console

The graphs that are displayed in the capacity views in the TrueSight console are based on analysis chart types. The following table describes each supported chart type:

Chart types

Chart representationExamples
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Line: A two-dimensional scatter plot of a line that represents the values over time. Information is displayed as a series of data points connected by straight line segments.
Bars: Represents grouped data using rectangular bars that have lengths proportional to the values that they represent.
Area: The area chart functions the same way as a line chart, only it fills the area between the line and the threshold.
Pie: A chart that represents the contribution of each value in proportion to the total.

Stacked Area: In this chart, the area below the line is colored and different areas are placed, that is, stacked one over the other. Stacked Area charts to display the contribution of each value to a total over time.

Stacked Bar: In this chart, each sample is represented as a bar, but multiple bars are placed one over the other.
Custom: You can also add custom analysis templates for custom views.

For example:

  • Mixed - Line and Area: Line: This chart has both Line and Area representation.
  • Frequency Histogram: This chart uses vertical columns to show frequencies. It represents the number of analyzed samples in buckets, based on their summary value. For example, if the CPU utilization metric has 1 sample showing 55%,1 sample showing 70% and 2 samples showing 58%, this will count as 3 for the bucket between 50% and 60% and 1 for the bucket between 60 and and 70%.

For more details, see To create an analysis template.


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